Updated: July 15, 2019

Day 1

JULY 19 (Friday) 13:30-15:00 Session 19P1

Topic : Management Science (W9)
Session Chair:Prof. Chih-Yuan Chang

The Housing Endowment Welfare Program- A Study on the Conditional Donation Model

Chien-Hui Chen, Pei-Chi Sun, Shu-Fan Peng and Ping-Chuan Hsieh

Analysis of Indoor Environmental Temperature and Efficiency of Formaldehyde Emission

Chih-Yuan Chang, Sy-Jye Guo, Yi-Ting Lin, San-Shan Hung, Li-Pang Chen and Tsung-Lin Chou

Does Housing Age Influence on the Price of Parking Space in the Same Way of Property Value? -An Evidence from Taichung, Taiwan

Hsien-Chi Hsieh and Ho-Wen Yang

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Module Verification and Prediction Model Design in Smart Home

Chih-Yuan Chang, Tsao-Chin Chiang, San-Shan Hung, Xixian Xiao, Po-Hsiang Lai, Shi-Hong Chang,

Yi-Ting Lin and Tsung-Lin Chou

Regional PM2.5 Prediction Based on Recurrent Neural Networks

Tsu-Chiang Lei, Yi-Chung Chen, Shun Yao, Hsin-Ping Wang and Dong-Chi Li

Effects of Different Leadership Styles on Organizational Culture and Innovative Behavior in High-Tech Industries

Min Chen

Using Case-Based Reasoning to Construct a Predictive Operating Time Model

Sinkuo Chai, Lyu-Yi Wu, Jheng-Jie Lin, Chun-Jung Lin, and Pei-Yi Chen

Using IPA to Rank the Improvement Issues in Institutional Research - Taking Student Satisfaction Survey as an Example

Tong Zheng, Tsong-Min Chang, Chun-Jung Lin and Sih-Yi Wang

JULY 19 (Friday) 15:15-17:30 Session 19P2

Topic : Applications of Artificial Intelligence (W8)
Session Chair:Prof. Feng-Cheng Lin

A Face-Based Video Retrieval System Using Deep Learning

Feng-Cheng Lin, Huu-Huy Ngo and Chyi-Ren Dow

Cropland Mapping with Multispectral UAV Imagery and Convolutional Neural Networks

Yi-Shiang Shiu, Jin-Cheng Liu, Yung-Chung Chuang and Feng-Cheng Lin

A Study of Predicting Stock Trends Using LSTM: Evidence Based on Listed Financial Companies in Taiwan

You-Shan Su, Feng-Cheng Lin and Yung-Jen Lin

Image Semantic Segment on Embedded System Implementation - Street View Feedback as Example

Fang-Rong Hsu, Shou-Jin She and Feng-Cheng Lin

Sentence-Level Sentiment Intensity Prediction using Convolutional Neural Networks

Yunchao He, Ying-Lung Lin, Jin Wang and Liang-Chih Yu

Day 2

JULY 20 (Saturday) 9:00-11:00 Session 20A1

Topic : Intelligent Computing Methods & Applications for Industrial Engineering & Business Management, Medical Management and Technology Education (W16)
Session Chair:Prof. Jing-Wei Liu

A Study and Application for Game Design Essentials Course Based on Game-Based Learning

Hui-Chen Tsai and Hsiao-Chin Jen

Study on the Influence of Firefighters Participation in Leisure Activities on Basic Physical Fitness and Job Satisfaction

An-Hung Li and Che-Wei Chang

A Healthcare IoT System of Intravenous Infusion

Fuh-Gwo Chen, Kuo-Yi Chen, Jen-Ya Wang, Yuan-Lung Yu and Jr-Shian Chen

Applying Basic Objective Data to Construct NBA Players’ Value Assessment Model

Che-Wei Chang

A Study on the Talent Identification Model for Rowing

Jing-Wei Liu, Sheng-Hsiang Chen, Yen Chen Huang and Ching-Tang Wang

Exploring the Promotion of Physical and Mental Health of Elderly People by Participating in Somatosensory Games

Yi-Hui Liu, Janice Chialing Liu and Wei-Chih Chen

Construction of a Courses Positioning Mode in the Wild Mountain Education Implementation Field: A Case Study of the elementary education

Yung-Wen Hsu and Che-Wei Chang

A Preliminary Model to Explore Players Decision-making Processes in Mobile Games

Tung-Lin Chuang

Analysis of the Mode for Creating a Medical and Health Care Park with Intelligent Technology

Chiahui Hou

JULY 20 (Saturday) 9:00-11:00 Session 20A2

Topic : Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (W4)
Session Chair:Prof. Hsin-Te Wu

Hiding Secret Message in Electrocardiogram Based on Discrete Cosine Transform

Mesakh Christian, Ching-Yu Yang, Yi-Zhe Xie and Chang-Yi Yang

The Adaptive Feature Extraction Design of Heart Sound and Murmur by Using Convolution Neural Network

Zhi-Hao Wang, Gwo-Jiun Horng, Tz-Heng Hsu and Gwo-Jia Jong

Finding the Most Influential Bundle

I-Fang Su, Yu-Chi Chung, Wang-Guan Leung and Chiang Lee

Recognition of White Shrimp using CNN-based Deep Learning

Wu-Chih Hu, Hsin-Te Wu, Yi-Fan Zhang, Shu-Huan Zhang and Chun-Hung Lo

A Hybrid Feedback Recommend Mechanism for Job Seeker

Chih-Lun Chou and Ting-Yi Lu

A Fast Evolutionary Algorithm for UAV Aerial Image Recognition

Lung-Jen Wang, Jiun-Han Huang and Wen-Shyong Hsieh

Practice in Face Recognition for Student Emotion in Class

Chun Yi Lu and Yeong-Ching Lin

Silence or Expression? Spiral of Silence in Social Networks

Kuo Cheng Chung

A Clicks-and-Mortar Smart Contract System

Hsin-Te Wu and Jun-Wei Zhan

An Active Learning Approach for Building Finance-specific Chinese Sentiment Lexicon

Tsung-Ju Lee and Li-Jiun Chen

An efficient emergency detection system of mass transit system framework design and implementation

Jiunn-Ching Chen and Ya-Ting Su

JULY 20 (Saturday) 11:15-12:30 Session 20A3

Topic : Intelligent Computing Methods & Applications for Industrial Engineering & Business Management, Medical Management and Technology Education (W16), Innovation in Finance, Accounting Researches (W7)
Session Chair:Prof. Sheng-Hung Chen

Game Developers to Explore the Augmented Reality Player Personality Traits

Ming-Tsang Tsai

Cultural Elements Mining with the Interactive Augmented Reality System on Tam-Sui Old Street

Cheng-Wei Chiang and Yi-Hui Liu

A Preliminary between Electronic Word-of-mouth (eWOM) and Leisure Destination Choice: The Example of Suggestions in Social Media about Macau as a Nostalgia Travel Destination for Sliver Peers

Chia Hsin Leou, Minqi Ruan and Yiwei Pang

Empirical Study on the Management of Surgical Materials Using UDI

Bi-Wun Syu, Po-Wen Shih, Chun-Jung Lin and Cheng-Yen Lin

The Effects of the Employment of a Tabletop Game in an “Introduction to Computer Science” Course

Kai-Ming Yang, Lai-Chung Lee and Chingya Chiu

Does Corporate Social Responsibility Drive Better IFRS Adopting Performance? Evidence from Emerging Market

Feng-Jui Hsu and Sheng-Hung Chen

The Impact of Auditing Quality on Corporate Credit Risk: An Empirical Study on Listed Companies in Taiwan

Sheng-Hung Chen, Feng Jui Hsu and Hui-Mei Chen

JULY 20 (Saturday) 13:30-15:00 Session 20P1

Topic : Education; Innovative Computing and Human Behavior
Session Chair:Prof. ArulMurugan Ramu

The Application of a Digital Game in Programming Education

Zhi-Yao Zhuang, Ding-Chau Wang, Yu-Lin Jeng and Yong-Ming Huang

Exploring the Experience of Technology Assistive Device Technology in the Daily Behavior and Perception of The Elderly Device

You-Yu Wang, Min-Wei Huang, Chun-Ju Hou, Yen-Ting Chen and Ji-Jer Huang

The effect of Users’ Emotions on user Satisfaction to Use a Recommender System

Wen-Yau Liang

Development of the Novel Air Cushion Device Used to Monitor Baby's Breathing While Sleeping to Prevent Suffocation

Ji-Jer Huang, Teng-Yue Huang and Min-Wei Huang

The Design of Serious Game for Evaluating the Reactions, IADL and Cognitive Abilities in Elderly

Yen-Ting Chen, Chun-Ju Hou, Min-Wei Huang, Shuo-Bin Huang, You-Yu Wang and Natan Derek

The Design of Serious Game for Evaluating the Reactions, IADL and Cognitive Abilities in Elderly The fMRI study of with Cognitive game Stimulation for Elderly

Min-Wei Huang, Yen-Ting Chen, Li-Shun Cheng, You-Yu Wang and Nathan Derek

Analysis of Physiological Signals in Response to Games for Elders

Chun-Ju Hou, Yen-Ting Chen, Min-Wei Huang, Yu-Sian Lin, You-Yu Wang, Ji-Jer Huang and Kun-Yi Huang

JULY 20 (Saturday) 13:30-15:00 Session 20P2

Topic : Recent Issues in Education, Technology, Innovation, and Health (W5)
Session Chair:Prof. Yi-Maun Subeq & Prof. Tsai-Fu Tsai

The Effectiveness of a Dementia Training Using Mobile Learning with Mentor Support for Home Care Workers: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Hsin Feng Su, Huei Chuan Sung, Hsiu Mei Wang and Meng Wei Lin

A Study on the Prevention and Cure Course of Cultural Innovative Fall of the Tribal Ethnic Groups in the Mountainous Areas of Central Taiwan

Hsiao-Ching Huang, Tsai-Fu Tsai, Yu-Chen Cheng and Yi-Maun Subeq

Health Literacy of Indigenous Elders in Taiwan

Maiya Balalavi, Yi-Maun Subeq, Hsiao Ching Huang, Tsai Fu Tsai and Su Fen-Lan

Applying Integrative Situational Cases into the Effectiveness of cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Education Programs

Fen-Lan Su, Hsiao-Ching Huang, Tsai-Fu Tsai, Cian-Huei Shih and Yi-Maun Subeq

A Systematic Review of Social Capital on Indigenous People’s Health Care

Fei-Sun Cheng, Yu-Chen Cheng, Hsiao-Ching Huang, Tsai-Fu Tsai and Yi-Maun Subeq

The Learning Efficiency of Using Innovation Standardization Lesson Plans for Cardiac Surgery Nurses

Cian-Huei Shih, Siao-Ya Su, Wen-Chun Chen and Shu-Min Peng

JULY 20 (Saturday) 15:15-17:30 Session 20P3

Topic : Fintech, Blockchain, and Security (W14); Data Analysis and Intelligent Computing for Awareness Applications (W3)
Session Chair:Prof. Hung-Min Sun

Secure Rapid Account Opening in Financial Application Systems Using Blockchain

Woei-Jiunn Tsaur, Jen-Chun Chang and Chia-Hsin Lin

Modular Design of Conditional Privacy-Preserving Schemes with Forward Secrecy for VANETs under the Non-Tamper Resistance Assumption

Hung-Yu Chien and Chunhua Su

Design and Implementation of Smart Contracts for IoT Services

Jia-Ying Chuang, Bing-Jie Ji, Wei-Chih Hong, Chu-Hsiang Lee, Jeng-Da Huang and Huang-Kai Huang

Analysis of Potential Cyberthreats in Dark Web Using Keywords

Hsing-Yu Li and Hung-Min Sun

Anonymous Fair P2P-Lending Scheme

Han Gao, Chun-I Fan, Jheng-Jia Huang, Yi-Fan Tseng, Hsin-Nan Kuo and Yu-Tse Shih

Order-Preserving Redactable Signatures

Shangpeng Wang, Jinhua Ma, Wei Wu and Hung-Min Sun

Risk Assessment and User Attention on Android Permissions

Jinhua Ma, Omar Jabbi, Hung-Min Sun and Shangpeng Wang

Dual-image based lossless hiding scheme using adaptive interval scale table

Tzu-Chuen Lu and Ning Yang

Using deep learning to track stray animals with mobile device

Rung-Ching Chen and Qiao-En Liu

The Key Success Factors of Crowdfunding Projects

Long-Sheng Chen and En-Li Shen

An Intuitionistic Fuzzy Time Series Model Based on N-th Quantile Discretization Approach

Jing-Rong Chang, Long-Sheng Chen and Pei‑yu Yu

JULY 20 (Saturday) 15:15-17:30 Session 20P4

Topic : Frontier in Intelligent Services and Technologies (W13)
Session Chair:Prof. Jeng-Wei Lin

Multi-Stage Tuberculosis Culture Diagnosis based on Transfer Learning

Yu-Hsuan Chiu and Ray-I Chang

Data Compression in IoT Edge Computing using Piecewise Linear Approximation with Bounded Error and Resolution Reduction

Jeng-Wei Lin

Deep Learning-Based Chinese Virtual Assistant: Case Study on ThingTalk

Cheng-Han Hsu,Jeng-Wei Lin and Shih-wei Liao

Latent Aspect Mining for Short and Unrated Reviews

Guan-Lin Li, Yu-Ying Lin and Hung-Yu Kao

Link-aggregatable Multi-access Edge Computing Architecture with IPsec Tunnel

Chun-Hsin Wu, Chun-Chao Yeh and Jui-Yuan Wang

Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Campus Chatbot for College Freshmen

Jeng-Wei Lin and Jia-Hao Cheng

Design and Implementation of a Rehabilitation Exercise Evaluation System Using Multiple Wearable Sensors

Jeng-Wei Lin, Ti-Yu Wu and Ray-I Chang

Connected Handwritten Digits Recognition by Convolutional Neural Networks with Hyper-Parameter Optimization

Hsin-Hung Chou, Feng-Sen Kuan, Yi-Zong Zhang and Jing-Yi Chen

Day 3

JULY 21 (Sunday) 9:00-11:00 Session 21A1

Topic: Management, Finance, & Innovative computing and its extended fields; Emerging Technologies of Design, Model and Framework of Learning Systems
Session Chair:Prof. Jamal Boukouray

From Human to Wireless to Predictive: The Theoretical Foundations for Leadership Analytics in The Cyber Age

Jamal Boukouray

An Advanced Stock Pattern Recognition Model Based on A Break-Point Search Algorithm to Forecast Dow Jones Industrial Average

Tailiang Chen and Ting-Wen Liang

The Implementation of an Edge Computing Architecture by Integrating LoRaWAN and Raspberry Pi

Endah Kristiani, Po-Cheng Ko, Chao-Tung Yang and Chin-Yin Huang

How to Increase the Competitive Advantage of Taiwan’s Medical Tourism Supply Chain

Jia-Li Sie, Silvia Wan-Ju Liang and Hsiang-Jyun Kuo

On the Impact of CEOs’ Overconfidence Upon Stock Price Crash Risk: the Role of Free Cash Flows

Meng-Feng Yen and Chen-Yu Kao

A Pilot Study on Accurate Lower-Limb Mobility Assessment for Stroke Rehabilitation Based on Virtual Reality Devices

HsienChang Wang, YuHsuan Chen, JiongYu Chang, ChihYu Liao, PeiYun Lee, MengJu Lee and MinWei Huang

A study of data encoding for the preprocessing stage of the intrusion detection system

Fu-Sheng Lin, Jung-Wen Lo and Shu-Fen Chiou

P-Box: An AIoT Pest Monitoring Device for Greenhouses

Yao-Chung Fan, Junn-Ling Wu and Feng Chyi Lin

A Deep Learning Based Strategy to the Energy Management - Advice for Time-of-Use Rate of Household Electricity Consumption

Lu-Xian Wu and Shin-Jye Lee

JULY 21 (Sunday) 9:00-11:00 Session 21A2

Topic : Medical Electronics and Informatics (W2)
Session Chair:Prof. Yung-Fu Chen

Smart Remote Medical Examination System for the Practice of Cardiac Care

Jih-Ching Chiu, Cheng-I Cheng, Bo-Rong Yang, Yu-Zong Chen and Yong-Bin Ye

Image Based Stroke Rat Brain Atrophy Volume and Infarct Volume Computation

Yung-Kuan Chan, Chun-Fu Hong, Meng-Hsiun Tsai, Chung-Long Yu, Ya-Lan Chang and Ping-Hsuan Sun

MAP2 Antibody Staining Rat Brain Tissue Image Based Stroke Stage Diagnostic Method

Ching-Lin Wang, Yung-Kuan Chan, Meng-Hsiun Tsai, Chi-Shiang Chan, Chih-Ting Yang and Che-Chia Chan

A Decision Support System for Predicting Readmissions for Patients with All-Cause Admissions

Huey-Jen Lai, Yung-Fu Chen, Hsuan-Hung Lin, Po-Chou Chan, Chih-Sheng Lin and Tan-Hsu Tan

Novel development of lossless compression algorithms for long-term ECG hardware applications

Yi-Hong Jiang, Yen-Ting Lin and Chih-Cheng Lu

Classification of Spectral Data of Hyperspectral Image Fusion Using a Deep Convolution Neural Network and Visual Feature Clustering

Chuen-Horng Lin ,Huan-Yu Chen and Tsung-Yi Chen

Classification of the Tree for Aerial Image Using a Deep Convolution Neural Network and Visual Feature Clustering

Chuen-Horng Lin, Chia-Ching Yu, Ting-You Wang and Tsung-Yi Chen

Species identification of dogs via different body parts based on a convolutional neural network

Hsin-I Huang, Yung-Kuan Chan, Chuen-Horng Lin and Jyun-Wei Lai

An Electroencephalography Classifier for Stressful Athletes based on TREEs and MLP

Po-Yu Kuo, Chi-Yuan Hsia, Meng-Hsiun Tsai, Yi-Ta Chung and Sheng K Wu

JULY 21 (Sunday) 11:15-12:30 Session 21A3

Topic : Service Design (W17)
Session Chair:Prof. Jiunn-Woei Lian

Improve Generative Stability and Quality Based on Polyphonic Music Generation with Sequence Generative Adversarial Networks

Yi-Fen Li and Mu-Yen Chen

Explore the Critical Factors of Younger Generation to Use Wearable Devices Continuously

Jiunn-Woei Lian and Jung-Jung Chen

Taiwanese’ acceptance of mobile payment – Adoption of UTAUT2 model

Silvia Wan-Ju Liang and Tammy Pei-Jung Wu

Does smart locker workable? Understand user acceptance of Blockchain base smart locker

Li-Fang Shen, Jiunn-Woei Lian, Chih-Teng Chen and Hung-Ming Chen

A Relationship Between Tourists’ Homestay Images and Tourists’ Decision for Homestay Programs

Woramol Chaowarat Watanabe and Hidetsugu Suto

A Mathematical Model for a Framework of Supporting System for International Trade Transaction

Tanapun Srichanthamit and Hidetsugu Suto

The Relationship between Service Quality, Service Experience, Tourists’ Satisfaction and Revisit Intention - A Case Study of Traditional Arts Cultural Park

Silvia Wan-Ju Liang, Hsieh Hung Huang and Tzu-Yi Wu

JULY 21 (Sunday) 13:30-15:00 Session 21P1

Topic : Next-Generation Network Environments (W11), Theories, models, and algorithms
Session Chair:Prof. Rung-Ching Chen

DICE Code Plagiarism and Learning Enthusiasm Detection Using Deep Learning Technique

Jainshing Wu, Kai Liu, Chin-Yi Yang and Li-Ren Chien

Area-aware based Dynamic Edge Computing Group with IOT Devices for Intelligent Traffic Management of Smart City

Ming-Shen Jian, Pei-Cheng Sung and Zhi-Xiang Li

A Deep Learning Model for Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Prediction

Jimmy Ming-Tai Wu, Meng-Hsiun Tsai, Sheng-Han Xiao and Yung-Po Liaw

Facial Symmetry Assessment Before and After Orthognathic Surgery Based on Three-Dimensional Features Using Transfer Learning

Chun-Tse Cheng, Hsiu-Hsia Lin, Chao-Tung Yang, Lun-Jou Lo and Endah Kristiani

Building the Rice Blast Disease Prediction Model based on Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Jia-You Hsieh, Wei Huang, Hsin-Tieh Yang, Chia-Chieh Lin, Yao-Chung Fan and Huan Chen

Study on the Application of Indoor Positioning Based on Low Power Bluetooth Device Combined with Kalman Filter and Machine Learning

Jia-You Hsieh, Chun-Hung Fan, Jian-Zhi Liao, Jyh-Yih Hsu and Huan Chen

JULY 21 (Sunday) 13:30-15:00 Session 21P2

Topic : Innovative Technology and Computational Thinking in Education (W6)
Session Chair:Prof. Chei-Chang Chiou

A Novel Intelligent Option Trading System by Multiple Kernel Adaptive Filters

Shian-Chang Huang, Chei-Chang Chiou, Jui-Te Chiang and Cheng-Feng Wu

The Nexus of Financial Development and Economic Growth in Major Asia Economies: China, Japan and India

Cheng-Feng Wu, Shian-Chang Huang, Tsangyao Chang, Chei-Chang Chiou and Qiannan Tian

Analysis of the Linkage Between China's Exchange Rate and Stock Price Index - Based on Wavelet Analysis

Hsin-Pei Hsueh and Fangjhy Li

A Study on the Influence of Mind Map Teaching Method on the Learning Achievements of Students Studying Human Resources Management Courses

Yung-Chin Chen, Chun-Hao Su and Chei-Chang Chiou

Introducing EAP into the Financial Enterprise-Taking a Bank in the Central Region as an Example

Li-Yu Chiang, Yung-Chih Chen, Hsiu-Chen Tsai and Fei-Chuan Chen

A Study on the Ethical Issues of School Research for a University in Taiwan

Li-Yu Chiang and Fei-Chuan Chen

Examining the Antecedents of Customer Loyalty in O2O Retailing Business

Irene Y.L. Chen and Stephen J.H. Yang

JULY 21 (Sunday) 15:15-17:30 Session 21P3

Topic : Theories, models, and algorithms
Session Chair:Prof. Gowtham Mamidisetti

Hybrid Access Control Mechanism for Secure Cloud Communication

Gowtham Mamidisetti and Ramesh Makala

Automatic Feature Extraction and Face Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Anuj Rapaka, Kampalli Ramu and Ravi Teja Kocherla

Mining Multiple-Level High Utility Patterns in Transaction Databases

Ya-Han Hu, Gao-Yen Chen and Min-Wei Huang

An Improved Algorithm for Solving Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem

An-Hung Cheng and Ming-Chao Chiang

An Effective Deep Learning Algorithm for Intrusion Detection

Yi-Lin Chen, Huan Chen and Chun-Wei Tsai

Constructing the Bio-Iris detection Model by Using Deep Learning Approach

Chien-Fang Huang and Mu-Yen Chen

Using Deep Learning Approach to Detect the Driver Violations Behaviors

Li-Siang Huang, Mu-Yen Chen and Min-Hsuan Fan

Using Deep Learning Approach to Build the Stock Price Forecasting Model

Jing-Long Huang, Min-Hsuan Fan and Mu-Yen Chen

Constructing the Multi-Sensor Signals and Tool Wear Model by using Classification and Clustering Methods

Mu-Yen Chen, Jyh-Yih Hsu and Hsin-Yao Hsu

JULY 21 (Sunday) 15:15-17:30 Session 21P4

Topic : Innovation in Medical service, Learning, and Teaching (W15)
Session Chair:Prof. Kuo-Lun Hsiao

What Drives VR Gameplay Intention? A Case Study of Experienced Users

Kuo-Lun Hsiao, Ting-Yu Wang and Chia-Chen Chen

Resource Garbage Automatic Classifier

Chun-Hsiung Lee, Kuo-Lun Hsiao and Yan-Hua Huang

Use of Brainwave Measurement to Assess Preference Degree for Game Apps

Hsiu-Sen Chiang, Yu-Lun Tsai and Wei-Chin Hsu

EEG Signal-based Detection of Depressed Mood Characteristics

Hsiu-Sen Chiang, Li-Shih Liao and Yi-Chun Chen

Exploring the Impact of Teacher-induced Stress on Learning Outcomes

Chien-Yuan Lai, Wen-Hsien Wu and Hsiu-Sen Chiang

Saving and lock‐in: How to improve customer repurchase intention on mobile shopping

Yi-Hsiu Cheng and Hsi-Peng Lu

English Learning Mobile Applications Design: The Case of TOEIC Vocabulary

Yi-Ting Wang, Kuan-Yu Lin, Zhe-Ming Zhang and Cheng-Jun Lin

Day 4

JULY 22 (Monday) 9:30-11:30 Session 22A1

Topic : Innovative Transportation and Logistic Supply Chain Systems (W18); Innovative Computing in Education
Session Chair:Prof. Mengru Tu

Empty Container Dispatching Model in Inland Transportation System Considering Fuzzy Demand

Min-Der Ko

A Multi-stage Supply Chain Networks Model with Fuzzy Demand

Min-Der Ko

The Green Harbor Speed Limit for Reducing Air Pollution by Fuzzy Method

Sheng Long Kao, Jia Lin Lin and Meng-Ru Tu

Fuzzy Crossing Priority for Inland River Bridge

Sheng Long Kao, Meng-Ru Tu, Chien-Min Su, Yung-Shang Cheng and Jia Lin Lin

A Novel Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm to Improve Warehouse Picking Efficiency

Mengru Tu, Ming-Feng Yang, Sheng-Long Kao, Min-Der Ko and Cheng-Kuan Lin

Innovative Blockchain System for Global Supply Chain Trade

Mengru Tu, Sheng-Long Kao, Tsaifu Hu and Chan-Min Tsai

Exploring Cognitive Load and Learning Motivation through Game-Based Learning in STEM subjects

Yang Hsiang Tsai and Chia Chen Chen

Application of Augmented Reality in Geometric Education

Chi Yu Chao, Chia Chen Chen and Chun Hung Chen

The Effects of an Augmented Reality and ARCS-based Mobile System on Students’ Learning Achievement, Motivation and Flow Experience for an Astronomy Course

Ting Yu Wang, Chia Chen Chen and Pei Hsuan Lin

The Effects of STEAM-based Mobile Learning on Students' Learning Achievement and Cognitive Load in Elementary School Science Class

Po Hao Huang and Chia Chen Chen

Students’ anti-drug self-efficacy, motivation in virtual learning environments, and achievements

Yu-Jie Chen, Chia Wen Chiu and Tien-Chi Huang